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Police Report Requests

Requesting a Police Report

Sonoma State University Police maintains all law enforcement records pursuant to State and Federal laws. These laws define the circumstances under which and to whom records may be released. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a police report, please review the following information. If you believe you qualify to receive police records, please complete and submit the Application for Records/Report Release (pdf). Requests will be processed within 10 business days.

Police Services also publishes crime statistics annually pursuant to the Jeanne Clery Act. Visit Clery Annual Report to view these annual statistics.

Note: Unlawful dissemination of police information to unauthorized persons is prohibited and punishable as a crime under state law.

If you are requesting information under the California Public Records Act or the Freedom of Information Act, requests can be made to the Risk Management office. Media requests for information may be made to Strategic Communications

Crime and Incident Reports

Crime reports and incidents may be released to the following interested parties:

  • The victim
  • An authorized representative of the victim
  • An insurance carrier where a claim has or may be made
  • Any person suffering bodily injury, property damage or loss

Under certain circumstances, reports may be released with information redacted to protect the identities of involved parties and/or victims. Report requests may be denied if release of the report would potentially endanger individuals named in the report or when the report is the product of an ongoing investigation.

Police records for crimes or incidents involving juveniles are subject to additional limitations. Requests for juvenile records may require the approval of the Juvenile Court.

Traffic Collision Reports

Traffic collision reports may also be requested using the Application for Records/Report Release (pdf). Traffic reports may be released to the following individuals. If you would like to report a Hit and Run or Collision, please call (707) 664-4444. 

  • Drivers involved in the collision
  • Registered owners of involved vehicles
  • Parents of minors involved in collision
  • Passengers involved in the collision and listed on the report
  • Insurance companies represented involved vehicles
  • Those incurring property damage or civil liability from collision
  • Attorneys represented the above

Forms to Request a Police Report

You can request a copy of a police report in various ways